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he brewery provides traditional, high quality gastronomic products made from local ingredients, combined with Benedictine hospitality, because we believe that our values can bring people’s life spiritual education and happiness.


  • Veal tartar served with fermented radish, hop butter, sour mustard and malted toast
    4 350 Ft
  • Smoked Mangalica pork rillettes served with quince
    3 490 Ft
  • Celery, walnuts, apples and honey served with bread chips
    2 450 Ft


  • Beef consommé with tender vegetables served with matzos dumplings and meatballs
    2 350 Ft
  • Mushroom consommé served with porcini ravioli
    2 350 Ft
  • Beer cheese soup served with sheeps cheese from Ménfő
    2 750 Ft

Apátúr Sörház Signature

  • Bavarian cumin roast pork, pretzel dumplings served with brown beer sauce and home-made cabbage salad
    4 690 Ft
  • Crispy pork knuckle, pickles, grainy mustard served with a malty loaf
    5 390 Ft
  • Flat iron steak stew with beer, served with potato dumplings
    4 890 Ft
  • Fried veal foot served with fried potatoes and home-made remoulade
    4 800 Ft
  • Brewery tasting from our cellar (home-made crackling cream, cold roast pork, peasant-style sausage, home-made pressed cheese, cheese variations from „Kisalföld” served with malted bread)
    4 290 Ft
  • Apátúr-style cheese plate (Cheese variations from Ménfő served with bread)
    4 200 Ft
  • „Magister’s salad” (Spicy sirloin strips, salad variations, crunchy seeds and radish served with truffle dressing and home-made bread toast)
    4 990 Ft
  • Brewers’ salad (Salad variations, home-made ham, goat cheese, fried chicken breast, walnut vinaigrette and crunchy seeds served with salty kolach)
    4 790 Ft
  • Apátúr-style burger, (Home-made bun, Chuck roll meat patty, cheddar cheese, pumpkin seed mayonnaise, chilli mango chutney and baby spinach)
    4 200 Ft
  • Leberkäse Burger (Házi buci, ropogós Leberkäse, sült fokhagyma majonéz, uborka, saláta)
    3 690 Ft
  • Sweet potato fries
    1 890 Ft
  • Leberkäse Burger (Home-made bun, crispy Leberkäse, fried garlic mayonnaise, cucumber and lettuce)
    3 690 Ft

Apátúr Sörház Steak

  • WAGYU JAPANESE SIRLOIN STEAK A5+ marbled veal liver served with potatoes and Frater jus
    49 900 Ft

Steak offer

  • Tenderloin, calf’s liver served with potatoes and Frater juice
    10 400 Ft
  • 300g
    14 100 Ft
  • 400g
    17 800 Ft
  • Ribeye served with potatoes with bacon, fried garlic and jus
    9 900 Ft
  • Smoked Mangalica pork ribs served with sweet potato and fermented Jerusalem artichokes
    7 150 Ft
  • Tuna steak served with celery, cauliflower and citrus pear
    6 900 Ft
  • Rosé duck breast, morel mushroom, shimeji served with tagliatelle
    5 900 Ft
  • Supreme chicken breast and leek served with risotto
    4 300 Ft


  • Vegan coconut panna cotta served with grapes
    1 690 Ft
  • Apátúr-style Hungarian poppyseed bread&butter pudding
    2 100 Ft
  • Artisan strudel variations
    2 300 Ft