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Our homemade beers


Type: PILS, Alcohol 5% v/v

This gold-colored Pils with European ingredients has a spicy, herbal aroma and a light malty flavour with medium bitterness. This is our primary beer in our brewery’s sortiment, and the best choice for an all evening consumption.

About the name: Novicius means „newcomer”. In the Benedictine order there is a short time for new applicants when they can try the everyday life in monks’ community. If the community think he can stay and the applicant want it too, he can put on his monk dress and then he is a „novicius”.

Brewmaster’s thoughts: Even a good pils seems to be simple to brew, it is more complicated. The unbalance of the recipe or other off flavours can be noticed quick for costumers. Because of this reason it needs paying high attention while brewing and fermenting. Despite beliefs this is a young beer style if we consider the old traditions.


Type: WEISSBIER, Alcohol 5% v/v

This is a gold coloured Bavarian wheat beer, with cloudy appearance and rich foam. The main note of the style is a special banana ester that is made by the yeast. It gives flavour and aroma for the beverage. The mouthfeel is creamy and full bodied. Compared to others our beer is easier to drink so we can offer for whose don’t like this style so much.

About the name: The perjel or „prior” is the leader of a single monastery. The „Szent Mór Bencés perjelség” or „Saint Maurus Benedictine Priory” in english got its name in 2007.

Brewmaster’s thoughts: There are hundreds of years behind the bavarian wheatbeer grandmasters. They had many times to collect experiences and improve the technology and the recipes. Every wheatbeer brewery has its own secret, I am searching for own secrets to reach the perfect Weissbier.


Type: BROWN ALE, Alcohol 5.5% v/v

Chestnut-brown colour, exciting caramel, coffee, cocoa, dried fruit flavour and aroma. A gourmet drink that opens up more and more as it warms. A really characterful beer, it is not by chance that it is included in many of our dishes as an ingredient.

About the name: The magister is the spiritual guide who helps the novices in the order, the newcomers can go to him for spiritual guidance and help, and they usually confess to him. The word itself means master or leader.

Brewmaster’s thoughts: Many people like beers with a fuller flavour, which is why brown beer is desirable in a beer house. In this recipe, English, Belgian and American brown ale styles are mixed, finely crafted. The challenge is not to overcomplicate it.


Type: NEW ENGLAND IPA, Alcohol 6.5% v/v

New wave IPA with cold hops. This is quickly made clear by its smell. Everything in this beer is special, everything is modern, from water treatment to the method of hopping. Everything from the ingredients to the higher alcohol level contributes to the final character.

About the name: Frater is an address among monks, it means brother. Religious people who pray together every day see each other as brothers. Monks are also diverse, but their goal and path are the same, just like our beers, which are very different and yet belong together.

Brewmaster’s thoughts: New England is perhaps the most modern of the IPAs. We approach the raw materials with a completely different approach and add them using different techniques than in previous times. It is hop-centric and basically determined by the types of these and their freshness, and the way they are dispensed, it is almost impossible to make exactly the same thing twice.